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ABB in Piteå secures production and withdrawal of layoff plans


 Sweden, Piteå: After the management announced the decision to close ABB Composites plant in Piteå, Sweden, the notice to lay off employees has been withdrawn, as well as the plans to move the production to Poland.  

The decision to close the plant and lay off employees was announced earlier this year. However, since then the plant has broken several production records and the site manager, Ingemar Falk, believes that this may have played a role in the change of the decision.

The plant in Piteå manufactures insulating components made of fibre composite materials for power transformers. Falk says that the business is now secured for a long time ahead and the need for about 120 employees remains.

Many of those who have left the company in the meantime will probably be offered re-employment.

Source: Di.se