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ABB software solution to enhance efficiency of Mexican mining company


Minera Frisco implements ABB software solution across mining units to increase visibility and drive efficiency with a time and cost savings potential of up to 20 percent
Zurich, Switzerland, June 22, 2016 ABB has successfully implemented its Intelligent Mining Solutions (IMS) software, MineMarket and CCLAS laboratory information management system at Minera Frisco mining company in Mexico, offering end-to-end operational visibility to enable better decision-making and continuous improvement. A producer and seller of gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc, Minera Frisco has nine mining units in Mexico.
This implementation provides Minera Frisco with an integrated enterprise software solution from mine to market for material tracking, logistics, laboratory management and sales and marketing across multiple mining units, which has replaced disparate spreadsheet-based systems.
“Our state-of-the-art Intelligent Mining Solutions software will help optimize processes, drive efficiency and maximize production across Minera Frisco’s mining facilities,” said Claudio Facchin, president of ABB’s Power grids division. “Integration of IT and OT within the mining sector is another example of ABB’s Next Level strategy focus on software-led differentiation.”
Mining companies, like in other sectors are increasingly leveraging integrated information and operational technology (IT/OT), to gain higher visibility across the value chain of its operations. This helps them optimize performance in response to ever-changing input drivers, commodity prices and production volumes in an increasingly complex and dynamic market environment.
A key objective of Frisco’s project is to achieve significant time and cost savings of up to 20 percent from better visualization, automated report generation and, because the data only needs to be entered once, to be available for the whole organization. ABB has a long and successful working relationship with Minera Frisco and the MineMarket software solution will help in the process of taking the next steps toward a more efficient, innovative and digitalized mining operation.
MineMarket enables Minera Frisco to standardize processes and automate data collection to ensure the same data is visible across the organization, facilitating analysis, adjustment and reconciliation of material movements. As a result, the company can better forecast production and respond to changing market conditions, which is critical to maximizing cash flow. It can also standardize laboratory processes with CCLAS, which enables high-volume, complex analytical laboratory data to be captured, calculated and reported to various stakeholders efficiently and on time. This solution is another example of ABB’s Internet of Things Services and People (IoTSP) approach.