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ABB to improve power quality and reduce energy use at Shell’s Nyhamna gas plant


 Nyhamna gas treatment plant is fed by the nearby Ormen Lange gas field, shown here. The expanded facility will be safeguarded with ABB’s customized Static Var Compensator solution, which will help to improve efficiency and increase uptime.

Zurich, Switzerland, July 26, 2015 – ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, has won a $24 million order in the second quarter from engineering, procurement and construction contractor Kvaerner to enhance reliability and minimize grid losses at the Nyhamna gas processing facility, which is presently undergoing a major expansion.

Teams in ABB’s Process Automation and Power Systems divisions in Norway and Sweden are working together to supply a Static Var Compensator (SVC) to Nyhamna. The two divisions are combining their in-depth knowledge of the site, the design of SVCs and system integration to ensure a successful execution.

The SVC will compensate for fluctuations in the voltage and current of the grid that delivers power to the plant, allowing more electricity to flow through the network while improving power quality and maintaining network safety and stability. These are critical to the successful functioning of the plant once the additional capacity is in place. It will also facilitate a number of essential operations, such as switching from a dual to a single in-feed, while handling increased load.

SVCs are part of ABB’s family of FACTS, or flexible alternating current transmission systems. These are technologies that enhance the capacity and flexibility of power transmission and contribute to the evolution of smarter grids.

“ABB has core expertise and an extensive track record in industrial plant electrification. The tailor-made SVC will decrease reactive power consumption and stabilize voltage for gas compressors at the new Nyhamna facility,” said Peter Terwiesch, president of ABB Process Automation, which is leading ABB’s internal team. “In line with our Next Level strategy, we will use our technology strengths and combined power and automation expertise to deliver this important project for Kvaerner.”

Nyhamna is operated by A/S Norske Shell and is located about 50km south of Kristiansund. At present, the plant supplies about 20% of UK’s gas needs which requires capacity to compress 70 million cubic meters of gas a day. Work is under way to increase this to 84 million, allowing intake of third party gas from the Polarled pipeline.

ABB has been a long-term power and automation partner of Shell, in Norway and around the world. It supplied the Nyhamna plant with its flagship 800xA safety and automation system, which ensures efficient processes as well as electrification solutions that distribute power safely and reliably throughout the production areas. Since 2007, ABB has had a Service Environment agreement to maintain the safety and automation systems at Nyhamna.

ABB’s has also previously delivered electric drive systems that ensure the gas compressors run at the optimum speed, significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.