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ABB to optimize its global transformer manufacturing footprint


 ABB has announced a strategic realignment of its global transformer manufacturing, engineering and service footprint to enhance competitiveness in a dynamic market environment marked by increasing competition and consolidation in the rail industry, according to the company press release.

In the United States, the company will consolidate its power transformers manufacturing footprint by investing in its South Boston and Crystal Springs units, and discontinue production at its unit in St. Louis, Missouri, which will continue to focus on engineering and service activities. 

In addition, new traction transformer manufacturing facilities will be established at its South Boston unit to serve rail industry needs.

In Canada, the company will expand its medium and large power transformer factory in Varennes.

In Europe, production of traction transformers will be consolidated in Lodz, Poland, which will become the main manufacturing hub for rail customers in the region.

Capacity will also be expanded for power and distribution transformers at the Lodz unit, making it a major transformer hub for the company.

In Asia, Middle East and Africa, the company will expand its traction transformer operations in India, and invest in upgrading its Datong traction transformer facility in China.

Earlier this year, ABB inaugurated a new traction transformer facility in South Africa, in line with the government’s local procurement requirements.

Source: ABB