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Afghanistan receiving new transformers and power grid upgrade

3/8/2015 Khaama Press

 Afghanistan, Samangan: The German government is financing a $13 million power grid project for building two new power grids in the northern Samangan province of Afghanistan.

The scope of the project includes an installation of 85 pole-mounted transformers and three transformer substations within the city borders of Aybak, along with the construction of a medium and low-voltage distribution network and a feeder link from the existing substation into the city, reports Khaama Press.

Additionally, 40 new transformers will be installed in the town of Pir Naghchir, along with a 400 volt city grid distribution and a 40 km long 20 kV transmission line leading from the substation in Kholm to Pir Naghchir.

The project is financed by the German government through the KfW Development Bank, as part of Germany’s North Eastern Power System (NEPS) investment programme implemented in the provinces of Balkh, Samangan and Baghlan.

Source: Khaama Press