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Arrival of largest-ever transformer in Ireland


 Ireland: A new power transformer weighing 540 tonne, and a largest ever to arrive in Ireland, has safely completed its journey that started in Italy.

This largest power transformer in Ireland by its type and voltage class has been purchased by ESB, a utility company, to strengthen the 400 kV network in the South West of Ireland and help penetration of wind generation into the grid, ESB has told Transformers Magazine.

Having passed all tests, the transformer began its journey in Legnano, Italy, from where it was taken by a 100 m long truck convoy to the port of Chioggia to be loaded onto a ship bound for Ireland. It was the largest-ever transformer allowed on Italian roads, for which special permissions were issued.

Upon arrival in Foynes, the deep-water harbour on the Shannon Estuary in the South West of Ireland, the transformer was transferred on a barge which took it back up the Shannon to Moneypoint Generating Station. Here, at high tide the barge was landed at the barge jetty and as the tide went out, the barge was effectively on dry ground.

Ramps were attached to the barge and the transformer was then driven off using the self propelled trailer. From the jetty the transformer drove approximately 2 km to the 400 kV substation, where it was off-loaded and positioned onto the plinth for assembly and connection to the 400 kV grid.

Due to its size, it was impossible to transport this transformer on the roads in the South West of Ireland.

Source: ESB International