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Burbo Bank transformers successfully delivered


United Kingdom, Liverpool: Two 200-ton transformers have been delivered as part of Dong Energy's Burbo Bank extension project, which will extend the existing farm located on the Burbo Flats in Liverpool Bay at the entrance to the River Mersey in North West UK.

Once the transformers arrived to the UK, two ballast tractors and a 14-axle modular hydraulic flat top trailer were required to complete the first part of the move, reports Heavy Lift.

Each transformer measured 11.4 m x 4.4 m x 4.75 m and the delivery method had to be devised in order to navigate the route and manoeuvre a number of height and structure restrictions.

Travelling under police escort, the girder bridge and its first load travelled through the town of Flint, before being transported around 24 km to the site in St Asaph, where the transformer was unloaded and placed in position using the jacking and hydraulic skidding system.

Five days later, the second transformer was delivered to the site and installed in the same way.

Source: Heavy Lift