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EETC signs contracts for four Benban transformer stations


 Egypt: The Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) signed a contract with Electric Power Systems (EPS) to prepare reports on the establishment of four transformer stations to transfer the electricity produced from solar plants in Benban, Aswan to the national grid.

Investors had refused to pay the third instalment of the power purchase agreement this month, saying they will delay the payment until the government hires a consulting company to prepare reports on the transformer stations, reports Daily News Egypt.

The cost-sharing agreement is one of five agreements that investors who qualify to implement new and renewable energy projects on the feed-in tariff system must sign. The agreement provides for sharing the cost of linking the to-be-built solar power plants to the national grid, as well as theinfrastructure on the project site in Benban.

The EETC also signed an agreement with KEC International Limited to establish a 100-km long dual overhead electricity transmission line of 500 kV south of Helwan, and east of Zahraa Maadi.

Source: Daily News Egypt