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Egypt needs $135B investment by 2030 to boost electricity capacity


 Egypt, Cairo: In a bid to boost Egypt’s power generation capacity and expand the country’s grid, the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy (MERE) has laid out a plan to increase the amount of power generated from renewable energy sources and invest in transmission and distribution infrastructure to support this growth.

To this end, by 2030 MERE expects a total of 51.7 GW to be added to the grid, requiring an investment of $135 billion, reports Oxford Business group.

The investment in the expansion of the country’s grid by the end of this year includes $774.5 million invested in transmission and another $645.4 million indistribution infrastructure.

Last year Egypt added nearly 6.9 GW of installed capacity, and the government heavily invested in transmission capacity, including high-voltage transformer stations and cables. 

Oxford Business Group