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Fujikura Europe Launches New Gold Standard Single Fusion Splicer


Chessington, UK. Fujikura Europe, one of the world's leading manufacturers of fibre optic cables and equipment, has launched its newest fusion splicer the 70S, to replace the FSM-60S, which has been the best-selling core alignment fusion splicer on the market since launch.

The 70S is the latest addition to Fujikura’s fusion splicer range and has been specifically designed to be more ergonomic, faster and have greater durability than the FSM-60S, reducing splicing time to just seven seconds.

"Today, an explosion in data traffic driven by smartphones, a renewed impetus for FTTH and a series of new submarine cable projects in emerging countries is pushing demand for fusion splicers through the roof. Our 70S is the new standard model to cover varied splicing needs in those fields,” said Roy Higgins, Deputy Managing Director of Fujikura Europe. 

The rugged construction design adds improved reliability by resisting shock, rain and dust, allowing it to withstand a 30 inch drop test on six sides. Two of the newest features include an automated wind protector and a tube heater which has been developed for quicker splicing cycles and to reduce the number of operational steps. The unit also includes a high-resolution LCD monitor, powerful Li-ion battery for longer operation time and built in videos for on-the-go training.