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Giant transformers make the heaviest load ever on New Mexican roads


 USA, New Mexico: The heaviest load ever to be transported on New Mexico public roads will be a power transformer coming through the Four Corners this week, according to the New Mexico Department of Transportation.

The load contains a transformer manufactured in China and transported to Houston, Texas, through the Panama Canal. From Houston, the 125-metre long and 772-ton heavy transformer was transported to Thoreau using the railroad, reports Farmington Daily Times.

7-metre wide load will be unloaded at Thoreau next Monday and is the first of two shipments that will pass through the area.

The second transformer weighs slightly less than the first transformer and will come through the area approximately two weeks after the first, according to the Department of Transportation.

The transformers are part of a project at the Pinto substation in Monticello, Utah.

Source: Farmington Daily Times