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HIGHVOLT opens service centre in Sao Paulo


Brazil, Sao Paulo: HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH, a German manufacturer of high-voltage and high-current testing systems, is extending cooperation with its Brazilian agency LPEng to operate the first local HIGHVOLT Service Centre worldwide.

The service centre with offices in Sao Paulo will offer Brazilians easy access to many of the available services, including consulting services, training opportunities and technical support during preparations for commissioning.

“The responsible service technician is also the customer's first point of contact for standard repairs. He can be on site in next to no time to solve minor problems, to perform maintenance or to replace spare parts,” said HIGHVOLT sales engineer Dan Keller.

HIGHVOLT products are used in the testing of power transformers and a diversity of other power transmission components, such as cables and switchgear.

The new cooperation is an extension of the existent 15-year cooperation between the two companies.