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Huge transformer arrives in Utah


 USA, Utah: A transformer weighing over 450 tons arrived at the Monticello fairgrounds in San Juan County, Utah, after a week of traveling by truck at speeds of 4-16 kph through New Mexico, Arizona and Utah.

The transformer — measuring 40 metres wide and 668 metres long — made its way from China to Houston by boat, from Houston to New Mexico by train, and is finishing its journey by slow-moving truck. In total, the load weighs 816 tons, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation, reports KSL.

The equipment owned by the Pacific Corp, Rocky Mountain Power, started its highway trek last Monday. In two weeks, the second, smaller piece of equipment will arrive and the pieces will be transported to the Monticello substation for installation in the wind generator farm.

The load was one of the heaviest ever transported on Arizona state highways, according to ADOT.

Source: KSL