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IEC successfully transports the largest transformer in Israel


 Israel, Tel Aviv: Israel Electrical Company (IEC) has transported the largest transformer in the state of Israel from Von Roll Transformer Plant in Ramat Hasharon to Ayalon substation at Ganot interchange in Tel Aviv.

The three-phase 400/160 kV transformer with the capacity of 650 MVA was manufactured by Von Roll Transformer and during the transport it weighed 308 tons.

Considering its substantial size of 12 metres in length and 5 metres in width and height respectively, it took a lot of manoeuvring to transport the transformer. When assembled at Ayalon substation, the weight of the equipment will come to 460 tons.

The installation of the transformer will mark the completion of the additional stage in the building of Ayalon substation, which is expected to significantly improve the reliability of power supply for the district of Gush Dan in Tel Aviv.

Source: Von Roll Transformers