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Infolytica new software suite enhances electromagnetic field simulations


 Infolytica Corporation today released new versions of their industry-leading MagNet, ElecNet, ThermNet and OptiNet simulation software. There are many significant improvements and new features in this release, including improved nonlinear material treatment in AC/time-harmonic simulations and expanded circuit modeling tools for complex control systems.

A virtual prototype that is increasingly realistic – that is the driving force behind the improvements and new features in MagNet, ElecNet, ThermNet and OptiNet v7.8. The suite of computer aided engineering software can handle the most complex electromagnetic and electric field simulation requirements.

Improved accuracy of the calculated iron losses

The design of electric transformers, motors, inductors and other ferromagnetic-cored devices require accurate treatment of nonlinear effects, which also affect the accuracy of iron losses. Transient solvers that have significantly longer solution times, accurately handle nonlinear effects. Solution times, nonlinearity effects and losses are important in the design of large devices such as power transformers. Time-harmonic solvers balance the need of fast solution times and non-linear approximation.

The MagNet 7.8 release improves the nonlinear approximation of the time-harmonic solvers, such that the accuracy of the iron losses is close to that of a transient solve with a 90 % reduction in solution time.

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