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Invercargill considers powering up with substation upgrade

6/3/2015 The Southland Times

 New Zealand, Southland: Invercargill, New Zealand’s and the world’s southernmost city might soon power up with an upgraded substation as independent commissioner is to consider a planned substation upgrade in its residential area.

The proposed upgrade would include a new transformer building and replacement of the existing power transformers with new ones, reports The Southland Times.

The Power Company Limited has applied to the Invercargill City Council to designate a property in Holloway Street for the redevelopment, operation, and maintenance of a substation.

The site is already home to a substation, and the main issues to be considered include whether the site is suitable for a substation and how visual appearance, noise, light spill, and safety should be addressed.

Source: The Southland Times