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Jordan Transformer builds its first mobile substation

6/5/2015 Jordan Independent

 USA, Minnesota: Jordan Transformer, LLC, a Minnesota-based provider of transformer remanufacturing, repair and rewind services hit a manufacturing milestone in the past week having built and sold its first mobile substation, manufactured from scratch in Jordan, Minnesota.

“A couple of years ago we decided we wanted to go and venture out and build new because we have been repairing [transformers] for a long time, and we have learned all the aspects of them,” said Bill Dickens, general manager of Jordan Transformer, LLC.

The company is ready to grow and plans to offer more jobs. The new mobile substations are built from the ground up, except for the trailers and external tanks that the substations use, reports Joran Independent.

Jordan Transformer joins a small manufacturing circle in the U.S. since there is only one other company in California that builds mobile transformers from scratch.

Source: Jordan Independent