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Kenya Power opens window for local transformer suppliers


 Kenya, Nairobi: Kenyans have been urged to consider joint ventures with foreign firms with know-how in transformer manufacturing technologies to tap Kenya Power’s $533.5 million annual procurement budget.

Stepping up its campaign to buy 80 percent of equipment from Kenyan manufacturers, the company is urging for more local suppliers, compelling alsointernational companies to set up base in the country to qualify as suppliers, reports Mediamax.

Interested companies and individuals can even use the window of opportunity to partner with such companies and set up manufacturing plants locally to supply equipment to Kenya Power.

“We are now seeking transformer manufacturers, which are the second most important goods in our order of priority, and we are looking at a situation whereby in the next one year we could be producing transformers locally,” Kenya Power chief executive Ben Chumo said.

Locally manufactured transformers will greatly reduce delivery time, which is estimated to take up to nine months for a transformer delivered from China.

“We will give the manufacturers a comprehensive contract to do more than just supplies,” Chumo said adding that such companies will also undertake after-service jobs including repairs and transportation of equipment.

Source: Mediamax