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Levoberezhny receives a new power transformer

4/20/2015 RusCable

 Russia, Krasnoyarsk: Russian Federal Grid Company has installed a new transformer in the reconstructed 220 kV Levoberezhny substation, which will increase the reliability of electricity supply to the October Railway and Krasnoyarsk region.

The installed transformer 40 MVA manufactured by Elektrozavod has been designed to convert AC electric power of 110 kV to lower voltage electricity 6 kV, reports RusCable.

Levoberezhny substation now has two power transformers 40 MVA, additional to two auto transformers 200 MVA also operating at the station, one of which is scheduled for replacement during a reconstruction which will increase the substation power capacity to 680 MVA.

Levoberezhny substation was first commissioned in 1959 with the capacity of 480 MVA. It has ever since provided power supply to the October Railway and many vital institutions and amenities in Krasnoyarsk region.

Source: RusCable