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MONTRANO - Continuous monitoring of bushing and transformer insulation


 OMICRON's new MONTRANO online monitoring system is focused on assessing the die-lectric health of power transformers under load.  

The system records changes in capacitance (C), dissipation/power factor (DF/PF), partial discharge (PD) and transient over-voltages. These are primary indicators of insulation breakdown, which can lead to dielectric failure in bushings and transformers.

Early detection prevents failure

Dielectric flashover of insulation in bushings and inside transformers is one of the most frequent causes of failure in power transformers. Aging insulation progressively degrades to the point that it can no longer withstand electrical stress. This can cause bushings to explode, transformer destruction and long outages for repair. The continuous monitoring of the dielectric state of bushing and transformer insulation is therefore essential for managing transformer health. Such continuous online assessments ensure safe, reliable operation during the intended service life of transformers.

Advanced warning of pending failures

MONTRANO provides detailed trend charts that show the dielectric state of insulation over time. Early warnings and alarms indicate the severity of negative trends. This enables users to assess the risk of failure and plan corrective action early to extent transformer service life.

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