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Manufacturers concerned over transformer quality certification


India, New Delhi: Indian transformer manufacturers have expressed concerns about uncertainty over the government’s plan to introduce mandatory quality certification for power transformers from next February, with concerned labs and agencies unable to expedite work for issuing necessary licences to manufacturers in time.

Manufacturers are concerned that the slow pace of conducting tests and issuing licences by Central Power Research Institute (CPRI) and Electrical Research and Development Association (ERDA), and Bureau of India Standard (BIS), respectively, will leave many of them without mandatory quality certification by the set deadline.

Also, there are worries over the prospects of the deadline being pushed further back, which would benefit unscrupulous manufacturers. Indian Transformers Manufacturers Association has thus asked for power ministry’s intervention to ensure that licences are issued to all manufacturers in time.

Quality control order on distribution transformers was issued on 7 May by the Department of Heavy Industry (DHI), stipulating implementation from 11 February 2016.

Source: KNN