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NE Pennsylvania to receive three new substations

5/29/2015 The Citizens’ Voice, PPL

 USA, Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Power & Light (PPL) is building new power lines and substations as part of a $300 million Northeast-Pocono Reliability Project, which is now entering its final stage.

Under the scope of the project, three new electric substations will be built with power transformers and associated electrical equipment - the North Pocono in Covington Township, Lackawanna County; the West Pocono in Buck Township, Luzerne County; and the Paupack in Paupack Township, Wayne County, Pennsylvania, reports The Citizens’ Voice.

The latest phase is building a 32-kilometre, 230 kV power line from an electrical substation in Buck Township to run through Thornhurst, Clifton and Covington townships in Lackawanna County.

The project designed to strengthen the electric grid and upgrade the delivery of electric service to 250,000 people in North-eastern Pennsylvania is scheduled for completion by the end of 2017.

Source: The Citizens’ Voice, PPL