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National Grid gets approval for $75 million substation


The Philippines, Manila: The Energy Regulatory Commission has approved the petition of National Grid Corp. of the Philippines to build the $75 million Pagbilao extra high voltage substation in order to connect new power plants in Quezon province with a total capacity of 2,720 MW.

The project, which will include power transformers and associated electrical equipment, will address the overloading of the Tayabas 500/230 kVtransformers and the fault level issue at Tayabas 230 kV substation, reports Manila Standard.

Quezon province hosts two major power plants in the Luzon grid, which are connected to the Tayabas 2,400 MVA 230/500 substation.

The Pagbilao EHV substation project will allow the connection of four additional power generation plants.

National Grid said it would do pre-construction activities to meet the target completion of the proposed project in 2018.

Source: Manila Standard