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New high voltage substation completed in Midland, Texas


 USA, Texas: Priority Power Management (PPM), a Texas-based energy management and consulting services firm, has successfully completed the development and energization of a new high voltage substation for Endeavor Energy Resources south of Midland, Texas.

For this project, PPM designed and constructed a 25 MVA, 138 kV/25 kV substation with an initial single substation transformer and an empty transformer bay ready to accept a second transformer at a later date to accommodate further load growth, reports Business Wire.

The design and construction of the substation was completed in April 2016; however, it was not until last week that the utility completed their facilities to allow for the substation to be energized.

The new substation will provide the needed electrical capacity Endeavor requires to power its ever-growing oil and gas production in the Midland Basin.

Source: Business Wire