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New widening trailers used to move transformer in UK


 United Kingdom: A UK cargo specialist has used its new widening trailers to complete a power transformer move from Stafford to Ellesmere Port, UK.

The power transformer, weighing 231 ton, was moved in three stages over three days, from Stafford to Congleton, then to Kelsall and, finally, to Ellesmere Port ready for its onward shipment, the cargo company said in a press statement.

The transformer was transported using 24-axle lines of the new widening trailers, narrowed in, with an AL34 girder frame.

“The trailers can be used in two different ways, narrowed in and widened out. By keeping them narrowed in and using these under a girder frame, it showcases their flexibility and usability with different transport options,” said Tom Irvine, senior project manager.

Source: ALE