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Pakistan purchases 41 transformers from China


 Pakistan, Lahore: Lahore Electric Supply Company (Lesco) is purchasing 41 transformers and other equipment from a Chinese company after receiving a soft loan from the Asian Development Bank to increase the capacity of its 132 kV grid.

Installation of new 40 MVA transformers, circuit breakers, 11 kV panels, cables and other current and voltage equipment will enable Lesco to enhance the capacity of its secondary transmission lines (132 kV) to be able to receive the electricity from National Transmission and Dispatch Company’s 220 kV and 500 kV lines and grid stations when evacuation of power begins from the four thermal power stations currently under construction in Punjab, reports Dawn.

Lesco has already inspected some of the transformers and the first shipment is due to arrive soon. The remaining 16 units are yet to be inspected by Lesco’s team and will be shipped after the inspection.

The new units will provide a considerable relief to the existing load, leading to smooth electricity transmission and supply through the 11 kV feeder system.

Source: Dawn