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Powertransmissions.org brings the powertransmissions supply and demand together.

6/14/2011 Transmission News

Powertransmissions will be the most comprehensive online inventory and the most complete information source for powertransmissions technical users. The one and only real starting point for professionals: current and close to the market. When it comes to an online platform for specialists, this will become the site for the largest database of all powertransmissions. The main goal of Powertransmissions is bringing the power transmissions supply and demand together.

Members can upload their product stock and users can quote over the powertransmissions system.

The following product groups can be placed by members on Powertransmissions:  Actuators, Adjustable & Variable Speed Drives, Automotive, Anti Vibration Elements, Bearings, Belt & Belt Drives, Brakes, Chain & Chain Drives, Clutches, Controls, Couplings & U-Joints, Electronic Drives, Gears & Gearboxes, Hydrolics, Linear Motion, Locking Devices, Motors, Oil & Grease, Oil & Seal Rings, Pneumatics, Reductors, Sensors & Transducers.