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Siemens to deliver 14 green transformers for Glen Canyon plant


 USA, Arizona: Siemens will be delivering 14 environmentally-friendly transformers for the Glen Canyon Dam power plant, located on the Colorado River in Norther Arizona, USA.

The transformers will be filled with ester fluid derived from alternative oils, and they will be used to replace equipment installed for the dam’s initial operation in 1964, the manufacturer states in the press release.

The transformers to be supplied by Siemens factory in Linz, Austria, will be rated 125 MVA (10 units designed for 345-kV and 4 units for 230-kV), and they will connect Glen Canyon’s generation units to the transmission grid.

This is also the first U.S. Bureau of Reclamation project to use ester-fluid insulated transformers of this size for a hydroelectric power project.

Source: Siemens