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Siemens wins $333M order for GB-France HVDC link


 Germany: Siemens has won an order to supply a link between the French and British power grids, awarded by the customer ElecLink Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Groupe Eurotunnel SE.

As part of the €315 million ($333 million) contract, Siemens will supply the two HVDC converter stations, along with all components, one at Peuplingues in France, the other in Folkestone in the UK, will be linked by a 51 kilometre-long DC power cable through the Channel Tunnel, the manufacturer said in a press statement.

The HVDC power modules and HVDC transformers will be manufactured at two Siemens factories in Nuremberg, Germany.

ElecLink HVDC link is scheduled to take up commercial operation early 2020.

When complete, it will supply enough electricity to power more than 1.65 million households per year.

Source: Siemens