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Six 140-ton transformers installed at two SA power projects


 South Africa: Two open-gas power plants, Dedisa and Avon, initiated under the South African government’s Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) in 2010, are ready to supply the South African power grid with an additional 1,000 MW of power.

The two power projects enabled by a combined investment of $93 million comprise six power generation lines, each made up of a 140-ton power transformer, 191-ton gas turbine, and a 231-ton generator.

South African division of Vanguard, an international heavy-lift specialist company, was sub-contracted to provide both Dedisa and Avon with transportation and installation of heavy equipment, for which they used an 800-ton hydraulic lift system for the port works and a 500-ton hydraulic lift system to place the units into their final position.

The two power plants, located in Port Elizabeth and Durban, will supply power to Eskom, South African electricity utility, through a 15-year power purchase agreement.

Source: ESI Africa