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Special reactor from Ruselprom-Transformer put into operation


 Russia: Russian companies Ruselprom-Transformer, Electroenergetics and Togliatti Transformer have developed, designed and delivered a special reactor for the Kafa substation located in Feodosia on the Black Sea coast.

According to Ruselprom, this reactor of the rated voltage 220 kV and capacity of 100 MVAr has been patented by the company and is of a unique design, reports i-Mash.

The reactor has been successfully put into operation at the Kafa substation, whose main task is to distribute electricity entering the Crimean Peninsulafrom the neighbouring regions.

Togliatti Transformer is currently manufacturing a group of single-phase reactors for the 500 kV Mozdok substation in North Ossetia, using the Ruselprom-Transformer design.

Source: i-Mash