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Three South African wind farms to install 157 unique transformers


 South Africa: South African supplier of electrical equipment and services Actom Power Transformers will be installing 157 custom-made transformers at three new wind farms, scheduled for installation in April 2016.

The order is for a total of 157 x 2700 kVA pad-mounted oil-natural air-natural (ONAN) transformers which include a unique feature new to the South African market, reports ESI Africa.

The new feature “involves making provision for accommodating the load-break switch together with current limiting fuses inside the transformer tank by mounting them under oil, in place of the usual external arrangement as applied to package transformers, " explained Gert Kriel from ACTOM Power Transformers.

The transformers are for three new wind farms being developed in the Northern Cape as part of the national renewable energy programme.

Source: ESI Africa