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TopMatic cable calculation now available for smartphones


In order to make it easy to select the most suitable cable for every installation, Top Cable has developed an "App" of its well-known computer tool, TopMatic. It is a useful tool for engineers, installers, distributors, teachers and students.

Type Smartphones iPhone, Blackberry and Android provide an ideal platform to expand services to clients Top Cable that are increasingly using new technologies for their daily professional efforts. Thus, the correct selection of an electric cable can be done on site or in front of a counter in a retail outlet, instead of waiting to move into the office to make appropriate calculations.

Jordi Parera, CEO of Top Cable, said that "now we can be with our customers, providing service anywhere." He adds: "As leaders in the electrical sector, we must not just promote our range of cables and services, but also use the best technology to foster deep and lasting relationships with our customers. We want to help them save their time and resources, and this App for mobile phones is a good example of that. "


To install the App, you only need to enter the Apple App Store (and their equivalents in Blackberry and Android), type the word "Topmatic" in the product search and click on the "Install". The program is free.

Through various displays, Topmatic will guide the user in the choice of cable and numeric data entry application in the calculation.

To select suitable cable for your electrical installation the user must enter data such as voltage drop, the temperature of the driver or the installation method, among others. On the final screen, along with recommended cable section, containing all the search parameters. Also you can get a full report customizable, printable and forwardable email.

UNE 20460-5-523
The programme considers the maximum voltage drop and uses norm UNE 20460-5-523 as a reference for admissible currents.

Available in eight languages
The Topmatic App is available in different languages: English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch and Danish.

Top Cable is developing new applications that will soon be available to continue providing service to users in the electricity sector: distributors, installers, students and teachers of electricity, etc.