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Transformer contract for HVDC Nemo Link awarded


 Siemens has won a contract for the supply of eight converter transformers for the Nemo Link project, a high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system connecting Belgium and Great Britain.

The scope of supply comprises eight transformers, each with a power rating of 365 MVA and the rated voltage of 400/470/20.2 kV, with a transmission voltage of ±400 kV DC via the HVDC system, Siemens stated in a press release.

The transformers will be manufactured at Nuremberg transformer plant, and when fully assembled and installed, each of these transformers will weigh some 448 tons.

Commercial operation of the HVDC link, which will deliver a transmission capacity of 1,000 MW - enough to power 500,000 households - is scheduled to commence in 2019.

Source: Siemens