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World’s first ±1,100 kV HVDC transformer passed testing


 The world’s first ±1,100 kV transformer, developed and manufactured for high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) transmission project in China with what is currently the highest transmission voltage, has recently passed its type test.

This HVDC transformer has been developed, manufactured and tested by Siemens in its transformer factory in Nuremberg, and is the first of a total of seven ±1,100 kV transformers that Siemens and a partner company are building for what is currently the world’s largest HVDC transmission system, the manufacturer stated in a press release.

This type of transformer is a single-phase unit with a transmission capacity of 587.1 MVA. The transformers are being built in a network of Siemens factories led by its Nuremberg plant, in cooperation with its factory for HVDC transformers in Guangzhou, China, and another Chinese partner.

The transformers will be installed in the Guquan converter station of the HVDC link between the Chinese cities of Changji (Xinjiang) and Guquan (Anhui). This is the world’s most powerful HVDC transmission system in terms of transmission capacity, voltage and length.

Commissioning of the world’s largest HVDC link – and thus also the transformers – is scheduled for 2018.

Source: Siemens