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35kV Three-phase Oil-immersed Transformer

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35kV Three-phase Oil-immersed Transformer Product Details:


33kV to 66kV series Medium-voltage transformer is a kind of low-loss, low noise, low partial discharge, low temperature rise and energy-saving transformer classified as S9 series and SZ9 series. It is applicable to the 33kV up to 66kV power transmission and transformation system. The new design is completely comply with the IEC standards. The transformer is sealed structure so it can protect the insulating oil from getting pollution and aging.

CTSS (China Transpowers Electric Co.,Limited) is renowned and appreciated by its reliable products performance and integrated services. Plenty of our products have been exported and applied in oversea markets, such as Australia, South Africa, West Africa, Middle East, Europe, South America, regarding power plant, substation, mineral and ore industries.


Ø  IEC-76 .1-1993 Power Transformers: General

Ø  IECc-76 .2-1993 Power Transformers: Temperature Rise

Ø  IEC-60076-3: 2000 Power Transformers Insulation Levels, Dielectric Tests And External Clearances In Air

Ø  IEC60076-4-2002 Power Transformers Part4 Guide To The Lighting Impulse And Switching Impulse Testing-Power Transformers And Reactors

Ø  IEC-60076-5:2000 Power Transformers Ability To Withstand Short Circuit

Ø  JB/T3837-1996 Approaches For Editing Type Of Transformer

Ø  GB1094.1.2-1996 Manufacturing Standard Of Power Transformer

Ø  GB1094.3.5-2003 Manufacturing Standard Of Power Transformer

Ø  GB/T 6451-2008 Technical Parameters And Requirements Of The Three-Phase Oil-Immersed Power Transformer


Ø  Low loss: No-load loss is 40% lower and on-load loss is 15% lower than required in GB6451-1999 National standard.

Ø  Low noise: Less than 60dB, which can be reached to less than 58 is special requirements is indicated.

Ø  Low partial discharge: strictly insist the no-dust work and blunt all the metallic parts and insulation parts to make sure the partial discharge of110kV ratio transformer less than 100pc and 200kV ratio transformer less than 70pc.

Ø  Strong mechanical strength and short-circuit withstand ability: winding inner hard support, double dovetail block, upper and lower insulation are integrated press plate.

Ø  Pretty outline and compact structure

Ø  100% guaranteed no leakage


Brief specification:

Ø  Voltage class: 33kV to 66kV

Ø  Capacity: 63063000kVA

Ø  Short circuit impedance: 6.5-10.5%

Ø  No load current: 0.3~1.2%

Ø  Losses: no-load losses is fully comply with IEC standard requirements


Typical specification:

Ø  Model: 5000-33kV

Ø  Rated voltage:33kV

Ø  Rated Capacity:5000kVA

Ø  Type: Three Phases, OLTC, Power Transformer


Application: 33-66kV power system of power plant, substation, mining enterprise, steel plant, residential area, hospital building and etc.

CTSS catalogue is available as per request.


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