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500kV Three-phase Oil-immersed Power Transformer

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500kV Three-phase Oil-immersed Power Transformer Product Details:


Large power transformers (Ultra high voltage and big capacity) are used in electric power systems. Industrial and residential large power transformers (single phase or three-phase) that operate at the line frequency are designed to handle high voltages and currents. Efficient power transmission requires step-up large power transformers at the power-generating station to raise voltages, with a corresponding decrease in current. Line power losses are proportional to the square of the current times the resistance of the power line, so that in order to reduce losses very high voltages and low currents are used for long-distance transmission lines. At the receiving end, step-down large power transformers reduce the voltage, and increase the current, to the residential or industrial voltage levels.

CTSS, as an reputable electrical power equipments manufacturer, supplier and exporter all around the world, always digests and absorbs the advanced manufacture technology, accordingly develops on its own hands 500kV transformers (three phases and single phase) on the basis of CTSS` own experiences and advantages.

CTSS (China Transpowers Electric Co.,Limited) is renowned and appreciated by its reliable products performance and integrated services. Plenty of our products have been exported and applied in oversea markets, such as Australia, South Africa, West Africa, Middle East, Europe, South America, regarding power plant, substation, mineral and ore industries.


Ø  IEC-76 .1-1993 Power Transformers: general

Ø  IEC-76 .2-1993 Power Transformers: temperature rise

Ø  IEC-60076-3: 2000 Power Transformers Insulation levels, dielectric tests and external clearances in air

Ø  IEC60076-4-2002 Power Transformers part4 guide to the lighting impulse and switching impulse testing-power transformers and reactors

Ø  IEC-60076-5:2000 Power Transformers ability to withstand short circuit

Ø  JB/T3837-1996 Approaches for Editing Type of Transformer

Ø  GB1094.1.2-1996 Manufacturing Standard of Power Transformer

Ø  GB1094.3.5-2003 Manufacturing Standard of Power Transformer

Ø  GB/T 6451-2008 Technical Parameters and Requirements of the Three-phase Oil-immersed Power Transformer




Ø  Electromagnetic calculations: Adopt most advanced design software, SolidWorks three-dimensional software and to guarantees all performance indexes

Ø  Strength analysis: COMOS software

Ø  Leakage magnetic distribution and its electro-dynamic force: leakage magnetic field analyzing software

Ø  Electrical insulation: Power frequency electrical field calculating software and lightning over-voltage winding potential distribution calculating software for calculating of gradient distribution of main insulation, longitudinal insulation and impulse voltage in the windings as well as that of winding terminals.


Ø  Core: effectively upgrade transformer’s no-load performance by below methods:

Adopt high-quality imported silicon steels

Three phase five limb drawing plate structure

Five-step of laminated, fully mitered, with the technique of none-pile on upper yoke

Meanwhile, appropriate magnetic flux density and the auto-oscillation frequency of cores are selected for lowering transformer’s sound level.


Ø  Winding:

²  Optimize winding transposing to effectively reduce load losses and eddy current losses as well.

²  Zigzag oil conduit structure to lower average temperature rise and the hot-spot temperature rise and thereby extend transformer’s service life.

Ø  Core structural parts: decrease the stray losses by lowering eddy current losses, drawing plates of core or minimizing slots on the basis of the location of core structural parts.

Ø  Transformer tank: combining magnetic blocking and copper blocking methods to reduce the stray losses.


Features of products:

Ø  Low loss

Ø  Low noise

Ø  No hauling

Ø  With innovation in safety

Ø  Reliability assured

Ø  Low maintenance

Ø  Fully tested and certified

Ø  Suits local conditions

Ø  Cost effective

Ø  Easy operation


Brief specification:

Ø  Voltage class: 500kV or 550kV

Ø  Capacity: 100000334000kVA

Ø  Short circuit impedance: 14%

Ø  No load current: 0.15~0.25%

Ø  Losses: no-load losses is strictly comply with IEC standard requirements


Typical specification:

Ø  Model: 730000-500kV

Ø  Rated voltage:500kV

Ø  Rated Capacity:730000kVA

Ø  Type: Three Phases, MR GERMANY OLTC, Oil-immersed Power Transformer


Application: 500kV power system of power plant, power house, generating station, power station, substation, mining enterprise and etc.

CTSS catalogue is available as per request.


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