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Compact Pad-mounted Transformer Substation

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Compact Pad-mounted Transformer Substation Product Details:


IEC 1330-1995: High-voltage/Low-voltage prefabricated substation


Operation Condition:

Ø  Operation temperature: -35℃-40℃  

Ø  Wind velocity: ≤35m/sec.

Ø  Humidity: ≤95%/day, ≤90%/month

Ø  Altitude: ≤1000m

Ø  Earthquake:≤8

Ø  Protection degree: IP33D


Structure & Characteristic Features:

Ø  Composed by 3parts: pad-mounted transformer with HV unit, LV unit

Ø  Load switch &fuse insulated integrate in transformer oil tank

Ø  HV adopt High-voltage cable plug insulated completely

Ø  LV outlet directly, measurement is available for customer

Ø  Excellence steel welding, corrugated radiator, hermetically sealed type of transformer unit has strong corrosion ability.

Ø  HV unit composed with oil level indicator, vacuum pressure meter, top oil thermometer, pressure relief value, drain value, sampling value, measurement and earthing

Ø  LV unit composed with measurement and compensation, or customized

Ø  Low loss, low noise

Ø  Corrosion resistance

Ø  Perfect security feature, electricity insulation, air switch, intelligent circuit breaker

Ø Smart appearance

Ø  Compact structure

Ø  Widely used in various power transformer substation


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