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Surge Arrestor

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Surge Arrestor Product Details:


Lightning arrester also named as surge arrester is a device used on electrical power systems to protect the insulation on the system from the damaging effect of lightning. Metal oxide arrester (MOA) have been used for power system protection since the mid 1970s. It has a high voltage terminal and a ground terminal. When a lightning surge or switching surge travels down the power system to the arrester, the current from the surge is diverted around the protected insulation in most cases to earth.



Ø  IEC-60099-4 Metal-oxide surge arresters without gap for AC systems

Ø  GB 11032 Metal-oxide surge arresters without gap for AC systems

Ø  JB/T 7617 SF6 type Metal-oxide surge arresters without gap



Ø  Reliable sealing performance

Ø  Excellent ageing performance

Ø  Secure pressure relief capability

Ø  High mechanical strength

Ø   Continuous innovation and development

Supply scope:

Ø  35~1000kV porcelain housed gapless MOA

Ø  66~750kV GIS gapless MOA

Ø  6~750 polymeric gapless Moa

Ø  35~500 polymeric line type MOA with series gaps

Ø  Complete set of gapless MOA for DC transmission project

Ø  Gapless MOA for electrified railway

Ø  Discharge counters and monitors for MOA



Application: protection for electric equipments and power grid in Substation and transmission


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