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Voltage Transformer

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Voltage Transformer Product Details:

Instrument transformers include Current transformer (CT) and voltage transformers (VT) (potential transformers (PT)).


PT is used for measurement of voltages. It has a large number of secondary turns and a fewer number of primary turns. They are used to increase the range of voltmeters in electrical substations and generating stations. It works along the same principle of other transformers and converts voltages from high to low. It will take the thousands of volts behind power transmission systems and step the voltage down to something that meters can handle.



IEC-60044 Instrument transformers


Supply scope:

Ø  35~500kV oil immersed inverted current transformer

Ø  35~500kV SF6 gas insulated inverted current transformers

Ø 35~500kV capacitor voltage transformer

Ø 35~500kV SF6 gas insulated voltage transformers for mounting in GIS

Ø  35~220kV inductive voltage transformers

Ø 10~220kV oil immersed tank type current transformers


Application: metering and protective functions in electrical power industry.

Typical specification:

Ø  Type: capacitor voltage transformer

Ø  Rated ratio: 90000/√3/100/√3/100/√3V

Ø  Rated accuracy: 0.5, 6P

Ø  Rated output: 100,150VA

Ø  Rated insulation level 123210/550kV

Ø  Rated voltage factor/rated time: 1.2/continous,1.5/30S


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