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Danville to buy new transformers with additional USD 5.9M investment


 USA, Virginia: Danville City Council will invest an additional $5.9 million in the city’s electric capital improvement plan to purchase transformers and other equipment required for the Riverside substation upgrade project.

The city plans to replace outdated, decades-old substation transformers, focusing on three substations for improvements — Bridge Street, Riverside and Schoolfield, reports WorkItSoVA.

The Riverside substation, which acts as a delivery point from American Electric Power, requires a larger transformer, and the substation also houses two distribution transformers, one of which failed in the fall of 2016 and was replaced with a mobile substation.

Danville Utilities hopes to move the Swedwood/IKEA substation transformer to the Bridge Street Substation and rebuild the substation at Schoolfield.

The Bridge Street and Schoolfield substations are planned for completion in 2017-18.

Source: WorkItSoVA