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EPLAN FieldSys announces optimised cable planning from controller to field level

10/8/2012 Cable News

EPLAN FieldSys allows cable laying routes to be configured exactly to scale. This comprehensive planning tool includes routing, database-assisted management of cable routes and automatic data analysis to accelerate processes, simplify assembly and servicing and ensure highly efficient system planning.

EPLAN FieldSys is a field cabling add-on module, which will be available with the new EPLAN Platform 2.2 as of October 2012. FieldSys is based on a 2D machine/plant layout which can be read into EPLAN in DWG or DXF format, for example. Within the EPLAN Platform, the system configurer can add a to-scale network of routes to this layout and display the possible cable laying routes. This means connections between controller and field components can be planned efficiently, and permanently documented. The next stage involves locating the automation components and field devices recorded in the wiring diagrams in the layout.