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Large-scale regulated local grid transformer project to go online


 Germany: 300 new regulated local grid transformers will go online at EWE NETZ GmbH, one of the largest distribution network operators in Germany, until 2017 across the entire network.

EWE NETZ GmbH and Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) have joined efforts in the integration of renewable energies into the grid through VRDT (voltage-regulated distribution transformer) project, which could help achieve savings of around EUR 1.4 billion in grid expansion in the low-voltage grid alone by 2030, MR said in a press release.

Following a pilot phase in 2013, 200 of these transformers were successfully commissioned in 2015.

The VRDTs are equipped with MR’s regulation technology.

"The new controllable transformers are an important step on the road towards a smart grid. Our calculations show that simply expanding the grid would result in huge costs for the general public. The use of smart solutions is a much cheaper and more effective solution,” EWE NETZ Managing Director Heiko Fastje said.

Source: MR