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Success Stories for Industrial Distributed Temperature Sensing Systems


LIOS Technology is actively deploying its Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) technology in various industrial applications and has already equipped successfully more than 2000 permanent system installations worldwide. Today we highlight some projects in Power Cable and Transmission Line Monitoring in the following case studies. 
Industrial Application: High Voltage Power Cable Monitoring - Smartgrid
Beijing: Long Distance Cable Temperature Monitoring System for the Olympic City 2008 Beijing
This project was the premiere of a successful cooperation between Brugg Cables and LIOS Technology. Both partners are currently developing further projects for power cable monitoring even with integrated dynamic rating systems (RTTR).
Burbo Offshore Windfarm - Distributed Temperature Monitoring of Long Distance Submarine Cables
Distributed temperature sensing (DTS) of long distance power cables is shown to provide valuable information for cable design optimisation and proper operation of wind farms. The long range sensing is enabled by using the Raman-OFDR (optical frequency domain reflectometry) technology in single-mode fibres. Raman-OFDR uses a modulated continuous wave laser for detection. The low peak power minimizes stimulated Raman-scattering in single-mode fibres making accurate temperature sensing over long distances feasible.
Graz: Reliable Energy Supply for Graz, Austria
The new cable installation is one of the city’s main transmission lines and is heavily loaded. In order to optimize the transmission performance and to guarantee its secure reliability, the cable installation has been equipped with large scale cross-bonding systems at its sheath. In addition, by the help of the LIOS temperature monitoring system (DTS), the level of backup capacity can be assessed.
Real-Time Cable Thermal Rating (RTTR) went on-line at a tunnel near Stockholm, Sweden
In October 2006 the commissioning of the integrated condition monitoring system (CMS) for real-time monitoring of cables was successfully completed. Together with a Distributed Temperature Sensor (DTS) a parallel run of cables installed in a tunnel near Stockholm (Sweden) is being continuously rated by RTTR.